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OECD Better Life Initiative

Information from oecd.org Are our lives getting better? How can policies improve our lives? Are we measuring the right things? The OECD Better Life Initiative and the work programme on Measuring Wellbeing and Progress answer...

Posted 20 Nov 2020

Governments transitioning to Wellbeing Economies

NICOLA STURGEON – WHY GOVERNMENTS SHOULD PRIORITIZE WELLBEING WEAll is the leading global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing....

Posted 11 Nov 2020

Creating Social Value Through Infrastructure

Creating social value is no longer just the work of the community sector. As we attempt to “build back” our economies through infrastructure projects, everyone across the construction sector is being asked to embed social...

Posted 28 Oct 2020


It is important to understand our history in order to glean a sense of our future. ASVB History The ASVB’s history stems from the leadership shown by the UK housing sector, who, as social purpose...

Posted 14 Oct 2020

UK embeds social value measures into policy

The ASVB was based on the UK Social Value Bank, which was developed three years before us, in 2014.The policy context that largely drove the development of the UKSVB, namely the Public Services (Social Value)...

Posted 30 Sep 2020

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Australia’s Hidden Social Value Act

You might be aware that the ASVB is based on a model that was developed by the UK housing sector, the UK Social Value Bank. The tool was developed in response to their Government’s introduction...

Posted 26 Feb 2020

Value for Money – Post Bushfire

AUSTRALIA’S BLACK SUMMER For many, it’s been an incredibly rough start to the year. First there were fires – we saw 12 million hectares of our country burn, at least 32 lives and 2,700 homes lost...

Posted 17 Feb 2020

Christmas Offer 2019 – Santa is Early!

Giving fever has started early this year at the ASVB, and here’s a Christmas offer you don’t want to miss… For the FIRST TIME EVER we’re giving 20% OFF ALL LICENCES!! That’s right, you’ll receive...

Posted 06 Nov 2019

ASVB Xmas Santas