Governments transitioning to Wellbeing Economies

Posted on the 11th November 2020



WEAll is the leading global collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to transform the economic system into one that delivers human and ecological wellbeing.

WEGo: Wellbeing Economy Governments

The Wellbeing Economy Governments partnership (WEGo) is a collaboration of national and regional governments promoting sharing of expertise and transferrable policy practices. The aims are to deepen their understanding and advance their shared ambition of building wellbeing economies. WEGo, which currently comprises Scotland, New Zealand, Iceland, and Wales, is founded on the recognition that ‘development’ in the 21st century entails delivering human and ecological wellbeing.

Objectives – WEGo members commit to:

  • COLLABORATE in pursuit of innovative policy approaches to create wellbeing economies – sharing what works and what does not, to inform policymaking for change.
  • PROGRESS toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in line with Goal 17, fostering partnership and cooperation to identify approaches to delivering wellbeing.
  • ADDRESS the pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges of our time.

Nicola Sturgeon’s TED Talk

Scotland’s First Minister gave this TED talk in 2019 about the importance of WEGo and why governments have a responsibility to prioritise wellbeing.

The Scottish Government is currently providing secretariat support for the group. The Wellbeing Economy Alliance helped to instigate WEGo and supports the partnership by providing knowledge and evidence of a wellbeing economy agenda. For further information please contact Anna Chrysopoulo or visit WEALL to learn more about a Wellbeing Economy.

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