Social Value Principles & ASVB

We worked in collaboration with Social Value International to publish this linkage paper which outlines how the ASVB aligns to their Social Value Principles.

SVI Seven Principles of Social Value

Why this linkage paper is important

Two of the driving principles behind the creation of the Australian Social Value Bank (ASVB) is comparability and transparency.

We want organisations, funders and government to be able to easily compare different interventions, to understand the social value they are creating and for it to be completely transparent on how the social value was calculated.

Comparability and transparency come with consistent principles and assumptions in the calculation of social value.

Conclusions of the Linkage Paper

Like all social impact measurement approaches, the ASVB approach makes compromises but clearly meets the need of the for-purpose sector by making social impact measurement approachable and achievable, and producing robust evidence on which to base investment decisions.

The ASVB is enabling and growing the uptake of social value considerations in businesses and encouraging a broader idea of value in general within these organisations.

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