Social Impact Measurement made simple with the ASVB

The Australian Social Value Bank helps you to measure your social value in a way that no other impact tool currently can.

The ASVB is the largest bank of methodologically consistent and robust social values ever produced in Australia; putting a well researched economic value on the improvement in wellbeing of Australians.

These social values, together with our easy-to-use online Value Calculator, allows you to translate the net benefit of your social impact in dollars, using Cost Benefit Analysis.

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Social Impact Measurement that's achievable

The ASVB is a cost-effective method for measuring social impact in a straight forward and standardised way. Requiring minimal resources, it helps you to clearly understand the social value you create.

How ASVB can help

A common language to discuss social value

As government, philanthropic and corporate impact investors, we need to be able to compare the social impact of different programs, and make informed decisions about where our money can do the most good.

Impact & Value

Australian Social Impact Measurement Tool

The ASVB has been developed specifically to measure the social impact of programs that improve the wellbeing of Australians; see who's using the ASVB, read their case studies and find out "What's News" with the ASVB and all things social impact.

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"It is widely recognised by various governments around the world, with whom we work. It is simple to use and based on rigorous economic analysis of large populations."

Wendy Haigh – Co-Founder and Director Stronger Brains