Posted on the 26th August 2021

One of our newest subscribers joining the ASVB community is Relationships Australia NSW.

The core business of Relationships Australia NSW is about “Reshaping lives, one relationship at a time.” To really understand the social value of their work they felt that they needed to be able to reflect the difference it can make to people’s wellbeing when they focus on improving the critical relationships in their lives.

To enable them to fully utilise the ASVB to understand the social value generated by their work, they funded the development of three new values to be included in the Bank:
– Improved relationship with partner
– Improved relationship with children
– Improved relationship with most recent former spouse/partner.

These new Wellbeing Values were derived by our partners Simetrica-Jacobs, using waves 1 – 19 of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey.

These new values can be applied to any activities that create outcomes of improved relationships, such as relationship counseling, family mediation, parenting programs etc.

Our current subscribers will now find the Improved Relationship values in the drop down list within the ASVB Calculator. Please note that guidance to apply these values, including the corresponding survey questions have been added to the back of the updated User Guide – Addendum AUG 2021.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Relationships Australia NSW and a big thank you for contributing to the ongoing development of the Australian Social Value Bank.

If there are specific values that you would like to have added to the ASVB so that you can value the work that you do, please get in touch to discuss what’s possible by emailing:

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