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Resilience & Help Seeking – New Wellbeing Values

*Trigger warning – This story contains content about suicide We’re always so excited to announce that we’re adding new values to the ASVB – but these two values seem especially important given everything that is...

Posted 23 May 2022


THE ORIGINAL ASVB WELLBEING VALUES The Australian Social Value Bank first went live in 2016. Our original set of wellbeing values were based on two data sets: The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia...

Posted 11 Oct 2021


One of our newest subscribers joining the ASVB community is Relationships Australia NSW. The core business of Relationships Australia NSW is about “Reshaping lives, one relationship at a time.” To really understand the social value...

Posted 26 Aug 2021

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How does the ASVB calculate the social value of my program?

Overview of the ASVB Calculation The ASVB Value Calculator calculates the net social benefit of the program using the methodology of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). This involves an estimation of the costs of the program (provided...

Posted 24 Jul 2019

Calculate Vintage Calculator

ASVB Value Calculator – Applying Multiple Outcomes

Choosing which outcomes to measure can be complex and one part of this decision process is whether you should be applying multiple outcomes. We provide subscribers to the ASVB Value Calculator with guidance on how...

Posted 25 Mar 2019

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Setting up for Success – Stronger Brains Case Study

“It is widely recognised by various governments around the world, with whom we work. It is simple to use and based on rigorous economic analysis of large populations.” Would you give me a quick overview...

Posted 19 Feb 2019

ASVB Case Study - Stronger Brains

Landcom leading the way with the ASVB

The Australian Social Value Bank’s (ASVB) wellbeing values are at the forefront of social impact valuation, which in the property sector translates to being able to place a robust value on the impact of social...

Posted 18 Oct 2018

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