ASVB Licence Fees

Our vision is to support as many people as possible to use the ASVB; we are passionate about making social impact measurement accessible and achievable for everyone.

ASVB Licence Fees

We have introduced a sliding licence fee scale based on the size of your business, as well as a grant and subsidy scheme, to ensure everyone can access the ASVB, including those with limited resources.

This means that ‘Large’ and ‘Very Large’ businesses that purchase a 12 month user licence for the ASVB will be ‘paying it forward’ by supporting a Micro business to use the ASVB for 12 months at either a substantially reduced rate (subsidy) or for free (grant).

To be eligible to apply for a grant or subsidy you must be an Australian business with an annual revenue of less than $1.5 million. (Please note – conditions apply)

Apply for grant/subsidy
Business SizeAnnual RevenueAnnual Licence For-profitAnnual License Not-for-profit
Very Large>$100M$40,000$34,000
*NB – All Licence Fees listed in the table above are in Australian Dollars, exclude GST and cover a 12 month period. User licences can be paid for via automatic monthly installments using a credit card, however a 5% fee will apply to cover processing costs.
^ Subsidy or grant available for an Australian business with an annual revenue of less than $1.5 million, subject to availability.
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