ASVB WA Government Outcomes Alignment Paper Published

Posted on the 21st February 2019

Today we launch the second in our series of government alignment papers and we focus on Western Australia.

Western Australia has a strong impact measurement community with its’ own social impact festival each year, organised by the University of Western Australia and the Centre for Social Impact (CSI). There are many good practice organisations working in WA on impact measurement and it is a credit to this community that the WA Government have commissioned the sector to drive the development of WA’s outcomes framework.

The Western Australian government has commissioned the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) to lead the development of their outcome’s framework, with the project being sponsored by the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The working group has representatives spanning all major Government departments and has developed a draft framework which is undergoing consultation with the social sector. Their aim is to publish an agreed framework by June 2019.

The draft outcomes framework has six domains which are Safe, Stable, Healthy, Equipped, Connected and Empowered. We have mapped the ASVB values to the outcomes in each of these domains in our detailed alignment paper.

WA Outcomes Framework

The ASVB looks forward to the publication of the final version of the outcomes framework and to supporting organisations of all sizes and sectors to measure outcomes in a rigorous way which adds value to the data being collected under the WA  Outcomes Framework.

By using the ASVB in conjunction with the WA Outcomes Framework, your organisation will be contributing to population level government metrics, as well as quantifying the impact of your organisation’s programs.

The ASVB Value Calculator offers organisations a user-friendly tool which has a consistent approach to measuring different outcomes and one that allows impact comparisons. It also provides clarity and transparency to government and other stakeholders in how you have calculated your social value.

If the ASVB is applied broadly across the social sector, it will allow stakeholders to understand the combined impact of programs being delivered across multiple organisations, which are working to achieve different outcomes under the framework.

Read more and download the alignment paper here.

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