Aligning to Government

Governments in Australia are moving towards commissioning for outcomes, so it is critical to start aligning your outcomes measurement in preparation.

Aligning to the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework

The Australian Social Value Bank (ASVB) supports not-for-profits (NFP’s) across New South Wales (NSW) and Australia in measuring their social impact in a highly rigorous and cost-effective way.

NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework

We see the need for NFP’s in NSW to strongly align their organisation’s outcomes to the government’s Human Services Outcomes Framework (HSOF) as a fundamental element of their funding and growth strategies.

We can align your outcomes framework to the HSOF and the specific outcomes relevant to your funding and growth strategies. If you don’t have an outcomes framework already or it needs updating, we can support your organisation to develop or refine your outcome framework.

Read our detailed alignment paper “Aligning the Australian Social Value Bank to NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework”, which maps the ASVB outcomes to the NSW HSOF framework. It provides practical advice on how to apply the ASVB as a complete solution to proving your impact and providing social value statements to your funders.

What is the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework?

New South Wales (NSW) is leading the way in the use of an outcomes-based approach. NSW has developed an over-arching Human Services Outcomes Framework (HSOF).

The HSOF has seven domains which are Social & Community, Education & Skills, Empowerment, Economic, Safety, Health and Home.

An outcomes indicator library has been published and provides population level indicators for the outcome domains in the HSOF.

The embedding of outcomes into service contracts is currently underway in housing and targeted early intervention, with homelessness being the next service area to have contracts aligned with this new approach.

Outcomes Framework: Yes
Outcome Indicators: Yes
Outcomes Embedded in Contracts: Yes

The ASVB values closely align to the NSW Human Services Outcomes Framework. There is a differentiation in the domains we have used to segment our outcomes list, however the underlying outcome indicators in the majority exist within the ASVB.

Why should my organisation be aligning our outcomes to the NSW framework?

These outcomes frameworks are slowly being embedded into service contracts, making measurement and reporting on outcomes a condition of receiving funding.

In the future, it is highly likely that any organisation who is unable to measure outcomes will find it hard to meet government selection criteria for contracts or funding.

Read our detailed alignment paper here.