OECD Says Impact Investment Needs Universal Standards – ProBono News

Posted on the 31st January 2019

OECD Says Impact Investment Needs Universal Standards – Luke Michael ProBono News. Commentary from Andrew Callaghan (ASVB Impact Specialist)

Impact investing could be more effective if universal measurement standards were implemented and impact goals were better defined, an OECD report says.

The report studied 590 social impact investment (SII) policies in 45 countries to learn about the growing impact investing market. It said the challenge for SII was in defining impact, as public and private organisations measured different elements by different yardsticks.

“In order to harness the full potential of finance for sustainable development, we can’t shy away from the urgent need for what this report calls ‘the impact imperative’: a shared understanding of how we measure the impact of our collective investments in sustainable development,” the report said.

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