Landcom leading the way with the ASVB

Posted on the 18th October 2018

The Australian Social Value Bank’s (ASVB) wellbeing values are at the forefront of social impact valuation, which in the property sector translates to being able to place a robust value on the impact of social sustainability outcomes.

To help measure their progress towards achieving its sustainability goals, Landcom has partnered with the ASVB.

As the NSW Government’s land and property development organisation, Landcom partners with the private sector to create quality residential communities that demonstrate leadership in sustainable urban development. Their vision is to create innovative and productive places that demonstrate global standards of liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and environmental quality. Through their work, they aim to create a legacy of sustainable places for future generations.

Landcom’s approach to Sustainability is guided by their Sustainable Places Strategy and includes four leadership goals that address their role in delivering environmental, social, economic, and governance leadership for the built environment.

Each pillar has a long-term leadership goal, and short-term performance targets. The pillars are:

  • Climate Resilient Places: Enabling net positive environmental impacts
  • Healthy & Inclusive Places: Creating the world’s most liveable urban communities
  • Productive Places: Enabling 30,000 enduring jobs
  • Accountable & Collaborative Places: Driving accountability and performance along the value chain

To help measure the impact of some of their key initiatives and programs, specifically social sustainability outcomes, Landcom is now using the ASVB’s leading-edge wellbeing values and cost-benefit analysis calculator.

Landcom’s Senior Manager Sustainability, Lauren Kajewski, said “The ASVB helps us to understand and communicate the social impact of our work, such as the benefits of our Skills Exchange pathway to employment initiative.”

“By hosting the delivery of this world-class training, we can ensure the Australian property sector is at the cutting-edge of social impact measurement. Using a shared approach will allow us to compare programs and calculate the combined impact of our programs and across the sector.

“It’s also great to see Lendlease using the ASVB. We look forward to seeing others in the development and property industry take it up.”

Since partnering with the ASVB, Landcom has rolled out training to key staff and introduced it to some of their community partners. Landcom is also hosting a Social Impact Measurement Masterclass, presented by ASVB partner and global leader in social policy evaluation, Daniel Fujiwara.

Over time, Landcom plans to develop further social values to add to the knowledge bank so that they, and others, can use the ASVB to measure more of their programs.

“We are so pleased to have Landcom on board, and taking a leadership role across their sector,” said Min Seto, Executive Officer of the ASVB. “We know this is the beginning of the ASVB becoming the standard in social impact valuation in Australia.”

For more details on the Social Impact Measurement Training Series 2018

Social Impact Measurement Training 2018

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