Lendlease – Paying it Forward with the ASVB

Posted on the 11th December 2017

With a vision to create the best places for people both now and in the future, it makes perfect sense that Lendlease would be amongst the first of the large corporations to start using the ASVB to demonstrate their social impact.

Dick Dusseldorp, who started Lendlease in Sydney in 1958, was a visionary well ahead of his time. He believed that the company needed to measure success not only by profits made, but equally by the legacies it creates, the lives it touches, the people it inspires and in the communities it enriches.

Lendlease have a long and proud history of giving equal emphasis to environmental, social and economic outcomes to deliver sustainable solutions. At the core of the Lendlease values is the understanding that creating communities that foster a sense of belonging has much more value than providing mere shelter.

To this end, in 1983 the Lendlease Foundation was established by Dick Dusseldorp and CEO, Stuart Hornery in 1983. It is responsible for initiatives that are designed to enrich the lives of their employees and their families, aid charities and communities where employees live and work, and inspire interest in the activities of Lendlease.

Whilst being able to estimate the social impacts that Lendlease creates in dollar terms may have been beyond what even ‘Duss’ himself had imagined, with the help of the ASVB, Lendlease can now begin to effectively quantify the positive impacts that they are creating in the communities they develop.

Also, Lendlease Foundation’s purchase of an ASVB user licence, now makes it possible for micro not-for-profit organisations with an annual revenue of less than $1.5 million to apply for a grant to access the ASVB for free.

Global Head of Lendlease Foundation, Cate Harris, who drove the adoption of the ASVB in Lendlease Australia said “The ASVB makes it easy for us to demonstrate our social impact. We’re also delighted that our user licence purchase can support smaller not-for-profits to get the same benefits from the tool. It aligns perfectly with the aims of the Lendlease Foundation.”

To apply for an ASVB user licence grant, please visit the ASVB website Licence Fee page https://asvb.com.au/how-asvb-can-help/asvb-user-license-fee/ and fill out an application form, or contact us to discuss your organisations options.

We are thrilled to welcome Lendlease to the ASVB User community, and thank them for ‘paying it forward’ so that others can start valuing the social impact they create.

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