ASVB Value Calculator

The ASVB Value Calculator enables you to conduct a best-practice informed Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of your organisation’s activities by following three simple steps:

1. Select the outcome/s

Select the social values which are affected by an activity, intervention or program that your organisation delivers (eg – good overall health is related to my health education program).

For example, this can be from a logic model or theory of change model and can be based on stakeholder opinion.

2. For how many people

Estimate the number and types of people affected by your activity using our bespoke set of survey instruments that are included with the ASVB.

The Value Calculator automatically adjusts these numbers to account for the people that would have achieved the outcome anyway, so as to get a closer estimation of the causal impact of your program.

3. Enter how much it’s costing you

Enter the cost of delivering your program. The Value Calculator updates these costs to adjust for:

(i) estimates of opportunity cost which is the social value that would have been created with the next best use of the financial resources spent on the program, and

(ii) optimism bias which is the tendency for project appraisers to be overly optimistic about costs.

Based on this information the ASVB will calculate your organisation’s overall contribution to society and social value.

You can estimate the net benefits to society and the overall return on investment of your activities and organisation.

This can be used to:

  • demonstrate your organisation’s impact,
  • guide investment,
  • attract further funding, or
  • as evidence for achieving social goals.

If you want to find out more about how your organisation can use the Australian Social Value Bank to demonstrate their social impact, please download the ASVB User Guide.