ASVB Grant & Subsidy Scheme

If your business has an annual revenue of less than $1.5 million then you are eligible to apply for a grant (not-for-profits) or subsidy (for-profits) to cover the costs of a 12 month ASVB user license.

Grant/Subsidy Application

  • Please select the State or Territory in which you are based.
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  • Please enter your total annual revenue for the last financial year in $AUD
  • To verify your eligibility to apply for a grant/subsidy, please upload an audited financial statement for the previous financial year in pdf format.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
    Maximum file size - 5 mega bytes. Allowed file extensions - pdf.
  • Please briefly outline why you would like free/subsidised access to the ASVB
  • Please list at least three outcomes from the ASVB that you will use to value the programs that you deliver.
  • Free/Subsidised User License Requests
    Please indicate which of the following requests you would be happy to comply with should you be granted a free/subsidised user license to the ASVB:
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Please note that conditions apply: You must meet and verify the eligibility requirements. The grants and subsidies are made possible, and are dependent, on the sales of ASVB User Licenses to medium, large and very large sized business. Awarding of grants and subsidies lies solely at the discretion of Alliance Social Enterprises (ASE), no further correspondence or communication will be entered into over a decision that has been finalised. User Licenses awarded under the grant/subsidy scheme will be for a 12 month period only. Organisations found to be in breach of the License Agreement will have their access to the ASVB cancelled immediately and ASE has the right to pursue legal action.