ASVB User Licence

The ASVB is available for purchase under a 12 month user licence. This is what's included:

Social Values

  • All 62 social values are calculated using Wellbeing Valuation so they are comparable
  • Includes both Primary Benefit Values and Secondary Benefit Values
  • Approximately 700 values when differentiated by age (16-25yo, 26-64yo, 65+) and region (In a Capital City/ Outside a Capital City)
  • Values cover all areas of Australian life including: Home, Education, Employment, Health, Crime, Drugs & Alcohol, Social & Community, and Sport

Value Calculator

  • Multiple user access to the online Value Calculator
  • Calculates the social impact of as many of your programs as you like
  • Uses best-practice methodology, including both primary and secondary benefits, and adjusting for opportunity costs, optimism bias and deadweight
  • Calculates: Full Program Cost, Primary Benefit per individual, Secondary Benefit per individual, Total Value, Total Net Benefit, Net Benefit per individual and the Cost-Benefit Ratio
  • Download your program results as a CSV file
  • Lets you compare the social impact generated by all of your programs across a financial year

Survey Instruments

  • Used to collect data from participants to provide the evidence needed to apply the social values
  • Questions directly correspond to the survey data which was used to calculate the social values
  • Can be administered as is, or relevant questions can be added to your existing survey tools


  • A comprehensive, easy to understand User Guide which will support you to apply the methodology appropriately
  • A series of online videos which will take you step-by-step through using the Value Calculator
  • A Technical Reference Guide which sets out the methodology underlying the ASVB

This video provides a basic tour of the Value Calculator.

ASVB Community of Practice

  • We offer an online Community of Practice which will allow you to connect with other ASVB users so that you can share ideas, application assumptions, results, and develop best-practice.

Impact Valuation Statments

  • Generate Impact Valuation Statements for as many programs as you like
  • Communicate the social impact of your programs to both internal and external stakeholders
  • Download your Impact Valuation Statements in pdf format
  • Use your results within Annual Reports, Tenders and Media Releases

Licence Agreement

The Licence Agreement and Terms and Conditions must be agreed to as part of the registration process to use the ASVB Value Calculator.

If you wish to review these documents prior to registering please download the documents below.